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- Beth Cordello, chair of the labor and employment practice group at Pullano & Farrow
- Julie Damerell, associate professor emeritus at MCC
- Catherine Cerulli, director of the Susan B. Anthony Center at the University of Rochester
- Cynthia Herriott, vice president for public policy for the American Association of University Women (AAUW) New York Board
- Deborah Hughes, executive director, Susan B. Anthony Museum and House
- Donna Seymour, public policy vice president for the American Association of University Women of New York State
- Catherine Cerulli, director, Susan B. Anthony Center for Women's Leadership at the University of Rochester
- Marilyn Tedeschi, vice president of the Women's Institute for Leadership and Learning in Seneca Falls

Jackie Ortiz, At-Large Member City Council
The 2018 Labor Day Parade was a great success!

▶️ CNN Video In high-paying jobs, the wage gap can cost women millions ▶️

EMAIL if you want to learn how to negotiate a better salary or join a group of energetic people helping to close the wage gap or want more information about events and activities for pay equity for all women.

La Cumbre advocates

La Cumbre advocates for a wide range of economic justice issues affecting Latinas, from the sticky floor of poverty to opportunities that crack the glass ceiling.  These include welfare reform, livable wages, job discrimination, pay equity, housing, social security, pension reform, and much more.