Are you a Latino Artist residing in Upstate NY?

So why should you list in the Upstate NY Latino Artists Directory?  Benefits include:

  • The opportunity to create awareness of your work with new audiences
  • Free participation in all workshops
  • Grant writing and marketing seminars
  • Instructions for event participation
  • Networking with artists, arts organizations and benefactors
  • Participating Partner Artist of La Cumbre
  • Invitations to select La Cumbre events
  • Set and negotiate your pricing directly with potential clients

To get listed in the directory, you must:

  • Be 50% Latino and reside in Upstate NY
  • Be a member of La Cumbre for a minimum of three (3) months
  • Include a photo of your work and/or group for La Cumbre‚Äôs website

Contact Indira Dalel at for questions and additional information

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