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These bills help close the wage gap:

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I support Part Q of the Executive Budget because it mandates equal pay and prohibits employers from asking prospective employees for salary history, a common tactic that keeps wages low. When women don’t receive equal pay for equal work, the economy in the neighborhood, in the town or city, and the economy of the state suffers. Pay inequity hurts women. It hurts families. It hurts all of us. Please keep Part Q in the Executive Budget and support this bill.


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WHY YOUR ACTIONS will help accomplish?

1) ENSURE EQUAL PAY by making it unlawful for an employer to discriminate between employees on the basis of sex, race and/or national origin by paying different wages.

2) PROHIBIT EMPLOYERS FROM SEEKING SALARY HISTORY from prospective employees which causes gender based wage discrimination from the point when women enter the labor force. Asking prospective employees for wage history as a requirement for a job interview or job application or as condition for accepting a job is a discriminatory practice that must be banned.

WHEN YOU TAKE these actions, you make An impact to help close the wage gap

Please also support Senate Bill 838 to legislate equal pay for equal work by job title & positions and Senate Bill 456 for public employees equal pay for equal work. These all help women get equal pay for equal work.



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