La Cumbre Invites All Latino/a Artists and Arts & Cultural Organizations to join the Latino Artist Directory

Are you a Latino Artist residing in Upstate NY?

Throughout the year, and especially the months leading up to and during Hispanic Heritage Month, we receive requests from local schools, museums, and organizations for lists of Latino artists, musicians and performers. 

Join our directory via this link specific to the Arts and Cultural committee:
1. Join the directory:

View the current directory:
2. View the directory:

You can also submit an event request: 
3. Event request:

La Cumbre can refer these requests directly to local artists and provide opportunities for you and your organization to reach new audiences. 

Benefits: By being listed in the Upstate NY Latino Artists Directory, artists will become a Participating Partner Artist of La Cumbre and eligible to be listed as an artists and/or Latino arts organization to participate in some of La Cumbre events. To qualify, you must be a 50% Latino artist residing in Upstate NY and a Member of La Cumbre for at least three (3) months. Contact us for more detail