Member Post - Sally Ramirez

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Buenos Días, My name is Sally Ramirez and Annette Ramos encouraged me to introduce myself to you.
My guitarist & music historian, Doug Robinson, and I present a program to enlighten members of the mainstream community on the subject of Latino cultural diversity.
Latin and World Music: A Journey in Song celebrates the music and composers of various countries in Latin America, including Brazil, Chile, the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe and Spain. We share with our listeners the wonderful music of great composers like Baden Powell, Vinicius de Moraes, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Violeta Parra, Rafael Hernández and Wilkins Vélez.
We perform this music with all original arrangements and interweave our own personal compositions and experiences into the mix.
We love this amazing music and it is an honor and joy to share it!
Attached are a couple of songs from our new CD in the works, "Mar Y Sal/Sea and Salt" (links are below for apple format).

Contigo by Spanish artist: Rosana and Alfonsina y el Mar by Ariel Ramirez. ¡Qué Disfrúten! Sally


Music is a great way to bring the world together. When we open our eyes to the unique beauty of each and every culture, we see ourselves more clearly.